We are proud makers of irreverent party goods. Because, why not? 

Why be SO irreverent and naughty? 

Why not? You gotta have a little fun in life. 


Where can I buy SNARK? 

We’re currently only selling through trade shows, flea markets and to boutiques wanting to place an order for their stores. Unfortunately, we are not set up yet to ship individual orders, but we’re working hard to add that feature down the road. Stay tuned for updates as we grow. If you REALLY find yourself just popping awake in the morning having dreamed about our stuff (haha) and NEED to buy something you saw on the site or Instagram, email us at christine@snarkpartyco.com. We sometimes have a small amount of excess inventory and may be able to hook you up, the shipping cost will be added in addition to the price of the product.

What are your prices? 

If you are interested in purchasing something, pricing depends on which items you order and what quantity you would like. We offer a bigger discount the larger the order. Please email us at christine@snarkpartyco.com to inquire and for a price sheet. 


Where are you based? 

We teeter between Brooklyn and the gorgeous Catskill Mountains in Upstate NY.


Are your products eco-conscious? 

YES!! Preserving our planet’s natural resources is extremely important to us. Please see our section called ECO-CONSCIOUS for more details on initiatives we are proud to support. 

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